Hello…I’m Ẹniafẹ Isis.

In a few lines I would say that I am a woman breaking into herself. A home becoming her favorite place. A garden learning how to nourish her own ground. And writing…in the words of Toni Cade Bambara, “Writing is one of the ways I participate in my own transformation.”

The name, Words, As Fruit, is inspired by a piece from writer and poet nayyirah waheed.

"pick a word like you pick a melon. examine its skin. its weight. its viscosity. its sound. its texture. its ability to be juice and meat." — nayyirah waheed

Words, As Fruit. is a harvesting of recollections, reflections, questions, and contemplations. An exercising of voice and pen, the skin of the fruit here is by way of tender vulnerability, the weight is in the way of anchoring, not in a fashion that sinks you, but in a way that holds and steadies you. The sound is in the way of breaking, aching, and healing, openly and outloud. The texture is in the way of lessons that can add to our depths and dimension. The juice is in the way of learning and examination, a milking of wisdom from both beauty and ruin. And the meat is in the way of perspective, understanding, and vision gained.

Your presence here is cherished.

May these offerings be filling.

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a harvesting of reflections, thoughts and healings, from writer Ẹniafẹ isis.